How To Save More On Cardboard Box Packaging? Find Here!


A number of products are sold in cardboard boxes. In fact, customers and brands prefer cardboard box for many categories over other options. However, with increasing cost of packaging, brands have been forced to look for ways to save money. In this post, we will talk of a few tricks and tips that will come handy in saving more on cardboard box packaging.

Go for the right size

Product box should be in sync with the product itself. So, if you are selling something as small as a doll, you don’t need a big box. Bigger cardboard boxes obviously cost more, and furthermore, there is a chance that the product can get displaced within the box, leading to further damage. Shrink the size to the best possible extent, after considering the possible need for extra cushioning.

Order in bulk

Most suppliers and manufacturers will offer a discount or deal on bulk orders. Check if you have that option. Additionally, you can also get help and support for a number of things, including box design and structural conceptualization. Keep in mind that as long as production continues and sales figures stay constant or surge, you will need more packaging material. Therefore, ordering in bulk is always a good idea.

Save on storage

Storage space is getting expensive by the day, and that’s a major concern for smaller businesses that don’t have big warehouses. The good part is many manufacturers even stock boxes on behalf of the brands and clients. The best box inventory storage company will ensure that your boxes are ready and stocked rightly, and for that, you just need to pay a small nominal fee.

Stick to a design

Yes, you would need to innovate and change the box packaging once in a year or two, but if you don’t change the design, graphics and other elements frequently, a considerable amount can be saved. Product packaging innovation is a recommended practice, but you have to take a call on when you can afford to revamp the boxes and packages, because the budget may not permit the same.

Find a good manufacturer, and you can probably get a better price than local sellers. Also, it is a wise idea to consider your order size in advance, which may allow you to negotiate the price to best possible extent. Check online now and shortlist the suppliers to get a quote and discuss your requirements.