Tips on Choosing the Right Box for Your Product


This article will guide you to find the perfect packaging to fulfill your requirements. There are varied ranges of packaging solutions available in the market which leaves us more confused and overwhelmed. It is important to find the perfect material, size, type etc.

This process can be achieved in 3 easy steps. Read on.

  • What do you need a box for?

Packaging surely seems simple. But it is not. There are so many details involved in selecting a perfect one. It is not about finding just a box, but a perfect one to fit your needs. When it comes to customer delivery, the best option is to choose mailer boxes. They are of high quality and made of recycled cardboard. On the basis of the size, you can send many things in these boxes. Bigger boxes can be used for subscription boxes and smaller ones for clothing, and smallest for delivering jewelries and accessories. If you are sending any products in one box, go for shipping boxes. They are sturdier than mailer boxes.

  • What is your product?

Secondly, think about your product. You have to consider things like the size as it helps in imagining the arrangement of products inside the box. If your products are fragile and delicate, it will need special treatment in the entire transit process. Use packaging fillers to ensure that all kinds of damage are avoided. Use mailer boxes to ship fragile items. Thick and rigid cardboard will ensure that the delivered products are safe and sound. When it comes to the shipping the products, weight is taken into consideration. Even though the boxes are meant for an exquisite appearance, they are not recommended for delivering heavy products. Choose a mailer box if the products are too light. If the product needs spacing, choose shipping boxes.

  • Features of the packaging

The appearance of your box is dependent on the variant you select. Eco mailer boxes are a raw and natural option. If you are aiming for minimalism, a unicolor or black or white is an ideal choice. If you are concerned about the safety of the boxes, they add poly mailers to your mailer boxes. It helps in ensuring that no matter how harsh the weather conditions may be, it will not damage your packaging in any way. Go for shipping boxes in the very case.