What to Look Out for When Black Friday Shopping


One common mistake many people make when Black Friday comes around the corner is going into the shopping without being properly prepared. This single factor can ruin the experienceand even leave you paying more for items you could have gotten a deal on instead.

Here are some of the things you must look out for to make sure you stay on the shopping list and cross items off at the best prices.

1 Cashbacks

Black Friday is there to make deals on a lot of items sweet. When you shop via cashback sites, the deal becomes even sweeter. That is because these websites will give you rewards and points for shopping. These points can be redeemed at later points for more shopping at a later time.

Instead of points, some other websites and platforms will give you instant cashbacks on purchases. Others will even throw gift cards into the mix for you when you reach certain purchase limits.

2 Check for best prices

The fact that a supplier sets a price slash beside their product doesn’t mean that is the best price.

If you have been shopping for a while, you would know many manufacturersinflate their prices beforehand then bring it down to the actual selling price on the deal day, creating a fake impression of a deal.

One of the ways to check for best prices is by going through Flubit. When you find a preferred product on Amazon, copy the URL and put it into Flubit. The later website’s generator will bring a possible list of other websites where you could possibly get the same item for lesser.

Note that this tool only works for Amazon, and if you’ve got time too – since the searches can take long.

3 Shop Around

Since Flubit won’t work for all the platforms, it is up to you to shop around. When you find an item at a relatively good price, hold off on clicking the buy button. Do some little digging around and see if that’s the best price you can get anywhere. Speaking of best prices…

4 Check for price matching

Brands such as Best Buy offer price matching on their products – totally or partially. This means if you find a product on Best Buy which you can prove costs $20 lesser on Amazon, Best Buy would bring down the price for you.

This can mean a lot when you want to buy something, but don’t want to change your preferred vendor because of a better pricing model.

Again, not every brand offers price matching, so you’ll want to confirm that before asking for it.

5 Beware of Scams

A lot of scams are usually around at this time of the year. Before the deals, you would get a lot of emails and offers that ask you to ‘claim’ things or ‘reserve your spot’ for shopping. Watch out for emails like these as they might be scams that are fishing for your personal data or asking for a deposit.

Check with the official retailers if they have sent you such before you click on the mails.

6 Shop with a VPN

When shopping online this Black Friday, make sure you pay only on sites that are secured with SSL certificate, meaning that data encryption is enabled. If you are not sure whether the site is safe from hackers’ interception, use a VPN to blanket all of your traffic so you can shop with peace of mind knowing that there is no data leakage whatsoever.

In the spirit of discounts, you can check out some Cyber Monday VPN deals to enjoy the software at reduced price. To make the most out of a VPN, try switching connection location when you’re on an international online shop to see if you can get the exact same product at a cheaper price from a certain country.You just might get better deals based on a differentvirtual IP.


In short, try to make this experience as great as any for yourself, but don’t forget to stay safe when shopping online. This might be a golden chance for you to land deals, but so is it for hackers and scammers to prey on shoppers! Stay vigilant and don’t let your guards down.

Finally, let the shopping begin!