Who Is Neil Patel? And Why Is He So Good At Marketing?


Neil Patel is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital. He is known to be one of the most famous and successful digital marketers under the age of 30. He is one of the bestselling authors of the New York Times. Besides, the Wall Street Journal named him as one of the best influencers currently on the internet. Also, according to Forbes, he is one of the top 10 marketers.

More about the king of digital marketing and online business lead generation? According to the Entrepreneur Magazine, he is the digital marketer behind the success of the 100 most brilliant companies. Due to his successful ventures, former American President Barack H. Obama recognized him as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30, and he was mentioned in a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by one of the world’s most famous organizations the United Nations.

Now, time is to know why he is so good at marketing and what his success story tells you to boost up your B2B business.

  1. Know Your Market

He is so good at marketing because he knows the market well. Whatever you are doing, your B2B business will emerge only if you know your market completely. Know your competitors as well so that you do not use the same tactics to attract your prospect. Stand out by creating best content; be it in video format or the written one.

  1. Experiment

If you have ever read Neil Patel’s success story, you will come to know that although the road of success was not smooth for him, nothing could stop him from experimenting with the ideas. Since his early teenage, he was eager to handle his finances and to generate a stable source of income.

He started his career as a restroom cleaner as he could earn a few more bucks by cleaning restrooms than doing the other jobs at a park. He left that job as it was not paying him enough. As a school going kid, he sold little stuff, but it was not fulfilling him. He started small companies and searched for internet marketing teams, hired one, and it did not work for him. Then he hired another one and faced the same fate.

Having wasted all of his credit on two marketing firms, he learned digital marketing himself, and now you see him. What a guru he is!

  1. Reach Out a Particular Community

As he ran B2B businesses since his mid-teens, he knows well the right community for his business. He is doing the same when it comes to marketing the other businesses. Knowing your target market exactly like knowing the type of blood before infusing it.

  1. Never Get Tired of Working on Your Projects

When he and his business partner were already making millions through their consulting business, they started a company named ‘Crazy Egg.’ It created a lot of buzzes but could not get them high offers to sell it. Patel, then, decided to work on it along with his partner. The company, eventually, started growing up and started generating enough income. For your B2B business, here is advice from this venture; solve a unique problem and do it in the simplest possible way. Other businesses would love to buy from you.